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 •Civil/Environmental Engineering
 •Property and Construction Surveying
 •Engineering Graphics
 •Laboratory Material Testing
 •Electrical Leak/Liner Integrity Survey


Laboratory Material Testing
CQM, INC. possesses an in-house computerized construction materials testing laboratory capable of providing the necessary analysis of both soils and aggregate needed during construction.  Our construction materials laboratory adheres to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM E-329) “Standard Practices for use in the Evaluation of Testing and Inspection Agencies as used in Construction.”  CQM, INC. presently possesses ten (10) Troxler 3440 moisture density gauges under an active license for the state of Wisconsin and all surrounding states, with each state in which we provide in-place moisture density testing.

Laboratory Testing
  • Computerized Data Entry Testing Laboratory
  • Wet and Dry Density
  • Permeability of Soils
     º  Falling Head
     º  Constant Head
  • Grain Size
     º  Sieve Analysis
     º  Hydrometer
  • Proctors
     º  Modified Method
     º  Standard Method
  • Moisture Contents
  • Unconfined Compression Tests on Soil
  • Plastic Concrete Testing
     º  Slump
     º  Air Content
     º  Casting Cylinders

Field Testing

  • Nuclear Moisture Density Tests for
     º  Base Course Aggregate
     º  Asphalt
  • In-Place Testing and Sampling
  • Aggregate Sampling
     º  Certified Technicians
  • Aggregate Testing
     º  Certified Technicians
     º  Certified Laboratory

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